Grainology Agri Pvt. Ltd.

Empowering Farm to Factory Ecosystem

Empowering Farming, Farmers & Factories through Revolutionary enhancements to the entire farming supply chain

About our services

Our Line Of Services

Grain Pathshala

Empowering our Farmers by educating them at ground level

Grain Clinic

Instant quality report by on call video testing through quality expert

Grain Hub

Sourcing of grain from various channels & safe & secure storage

Grain Kart

e-Marketplace to connect transportation, buyer & seller.

Grain Desitiny

Forward facilitation with factory & other stockiest in the market.

What We Do

  1. Aggregate demand for agricultural produce from food processors, millers, traders, and exporters, and facilitate supply through Farmers, agregators, connectors,  Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs).

  2. Expand markets for MSMEs and local manufacturers by leveraging our network of distributors and retailers for efficient distribution.

  3. Promote sustainability and growth for ecosystem participants by offering access to finance and other value-added services.

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Grain Pathshala

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